In Other News…

April 16, 2013 by Adi

So yeah, we got hitched. It went pretty well, there was some drama but at the end of the day most people ate their weight in Indian food, drank their volume in Six Point, and Matt and I have a piece of paper that states I OWN HIM. Or, you know, that we are each other’s person and no decisions can be made without the other’s input. By law, I now get to veto his choices, from footwear to facial hair. Okay. Not really. But close.

Married life is wonderful, and I was incredibly touched by all the people who flew from the ends of the earth (i.e. Iowa and England) to watch me ugly cry and hear the most beautiful vows ever spoken. (Matt, not me. Who knew he was so eloquent?) It was amazing, and we both were so so happy, and I’m told that when we had our first kiss, the sun came out from behind the clouds. Yes, we are so awesome even nature approves of our union.

Six months in, and we did manage to close on our tiny little house by the sea (or half-a-mile-from-the-sea, rather, which is a much less picturesque way of putting it, albeit more accurate), and adopted a second pittie mix named Blake, and we are very slowly building our life while we build fences in the yard and shelves in the living room. We took our first-ever vacation together to visit my brother in Chicago (Matt’s first time on a plane!) and are planning a possible trip to Ocracoke over the summer. I don’t expect to update this very often, but I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to update everyone since I deleted my Facebook account and so few of you are on twitter.

So that’s the news. We’re welcoming surprise bulbs in the yard and looking forward to a summer spent at the beach (or one of us is and the other is stocking up on excuses, no points for correctly identifying who’s whom) and thankful for an insane winter’s end.






August 27, 2012 by Adi


So as you may (or may not) have noticed, a LOT has changed. We’re still getting married at Harkness, and still having Darbar cater a decadent Indian feast, but unfortunately we’ve downsized in several aspects of the wedding. We’re cutting back to save for THE HOUSE WE PUT AN OFFER ON!!!! It’s a short sale, so we have no idea whether our offer will be accepted, and basically there’s nothing we can do except wait. The good news is that we will be finding out soon, but the bad news is that we’ll most likely find out at the most stressful time possible–the week before the wedding. So if you talk to me and I’m hysterically laughing or crying, YOU’LL KNOW WHY. Matt, of course, will remain sober and unflappable as ever. I’m pretty sure I could confess to being an android super-villain and he’d say, “Okay, well. Do you still want falafel for dinner?” (The answer, of course, would be YES.)

Anyway, the reception will now take place in my parents’ backyard, which means that if anyone is too drunk to drive, we will take your keys and point you to a tent! Hooray! (Please do not get drunk if you don’t have someone to drive you!) It also means we don’t have to worry about being out by eleven, so the party can go all night. (Though probably it will have devolved in karaoke and bad jokes by ten.) We also (and this is the worst) had to cancel Marissa. She was, of course, a total sweetheart about it, and offered to play an anniversary show for us or something. Can we say class act? This means we’re currently in the market for either the cheapest DJ ever (do DJs work for cookies?) or to rent a PA system. Any advice and hand-holding would be welcome–neither of us is familiar with sound systems and I’m worried we’re going to DESTROY EVERYTHING.

SO there you are! With thirty days to go, we decided hey. WHY NOT REPLAN THE WHOLE THING. BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH STRESS IN OUR LIVES! Thanks for all your support, and we cannot WAIT to see you in September!

Engagement Photos

June 15, 2012 by Matt Horrocks

Playing House at IKEA

May 26, 2012 by Adi

Picture this: Me with a full face of makeup, pink dress and gold jewelry, Matt in his gorgeous blue shirt and working his new haircut, anxiously waiting outside IKEA. Okay, I’ll be honest. The anxiety was all mine. But I was wearing makeup. If I smudged it, there was no way in hell I’d be able to fix it! Anyway, we’re waiting by the doors, peering out into the parking lot, when I spot our adorable photographer and BREATHE. Kelly immediately puts me at ease, makes Matt laugh, and we get started on what can only be described as the most ridiculously fun afternoon I’ve had in a long time. From playing house in the IKEA showroom to chasing sunshine around the wharf, I don’t think we stopped grinning once. I cannot WAIT to share these photos. If they convey half the joy we felt, I’ll consider them successful.

Watch this space–we should get them around June 17th.


April 18, 2012 by Matt Horrocks

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about names and what importance they have in our society and traditions. Names exist in this strange land where they both define us and are defined by us. People come to associate our first names with our words and actions. After years of knowing someone, I come to think of their name as the collective definition of who that person is. When I meet someone else with that same name, I can’t help but color my expectations or impressions of the new person by the common name. I ask people to refer to me as Matt because I want to distinguish between the “me” of today and the Matthew of yesterday. It’s rather like corporate re-branding on a personal level.

As the wedding approaches, the subject of last names continues to dance on the edges of my mind. Your last name is your family name, indicating your heritage. Traditionally, wives took the last name of their husbands, assuming their role in the continuation of that heritage (for better or worse). I have to ask myself if that antiquated tradition is something I want to support. Do I ask my bride-to-be to symbolically leave her family and her heritage behind in favor of mine?

Conversely, I have to consider our culture. Would family, friends, or coworkers judge me, thinking me less of a “man” for instead assuming her name? I also have to consider my family’s reaction. Would they feel rejected or slighted if I forgo their name? Obviously, I would need to discuss it with them. Are either of these reactions valid, or are they gut-responses to the bucking of a sacred cow?

I also have to consider any future children. If we both keep our names, what name would the children have? Would one of us having a different last name impact the children? Would it impact our relationship with their schools?

Ultimately, my thoughts circle back to the point with which I began this post. In my mind, my name defines me. It anchors, perhaps even restricts, who I am. Choosing a new name gives me the mental freedom to grow, to symbolically leave behind thoughts or behaviors I no longer need. I don’t feel like Matt Horrocks anymore. I feel like something new. Something better.

The next decision is just as difficult. Do I simply take Adi’s name, becoming a Covino? Do I hypenate? Horrocks-Covino? Covino-Horrocks? Do we find a common, historical name? Do we invent a new name? Only time will tell.

Music Preview: Marissa Nadler

April 18, 2012 by Matt Horrocks

Just a quick FYI: Marissa Nadler will be playing at a small bar in New Haven in June. If you want a preview of what her live music at the wedding will be like, tickets are only $10.

the one

March 11, 2012 by Adi

So I’m not a believer in fate. I scoff at the idea of soulmates and destiny and BLAH BLAH BLAH. But oh my gravy.. I found my dress and its going to be basically everything I wanted. I am so in love with this dress that I’m already scheming ways to wear it after the wedding. Halloween? YES. Bridal gown bash, where all the ladies come in the gowns they wore and we take hilarious photos? YES. Going grocery shopping? HELL YES.

I’m so excited. I chose Matt because I’m smart and sensible and he’s right for me, but goddamnit I think my dress chose me.

No, this is not a picture of me in The Dress, but it is a picture of me right after I almost cried choosing it. There was even applause!


March 4, 2012 by Adi

So we haven’t gotten everything planned out yet, but we’re now set for music–Marissa Nadler has consented to play our wedding and we couldn’t be more psyched. After meeting with her on Saturday to discuss plans, we left giddy (on my part) and pleased (Matt, who doesn’t have a giddy bone in his body!). We’re keeping the song list secret (we do want SOME surprises for our guests!) but I think everyone will be happy with the selections, especially as we’ve requested Marissa to include as many of her originals as possible. I think we’ve got our priorities just about perfect–music, set. Photography, set. Food, set. Everything else? Well. It will all fall together.


Our photographer is awesome

February 13, 2012 by Matt Horrocks

We got a letter from our photographer today. How awesome is this?


Hello World.

February 11, 2012 by Matt Horrocks

As the existence of this site implies, Adi and I found ourselves especially motivated to work on wedding planning / details today. I spent the majority of the day setting up this website, finally getting some hands-on experience building a WordPress-driven blog (something I’ve meant to do for a while). Adi put together the above image, then spent the entire evening working with Colleen on the Save-the-Date cards. I can’t help but be impressed with the amount of work and attention to detail Adi puts into projects like that.

Hopefully, this blog will find and maintain a happy medium between interesting notes and information overload. A (free) WordPress account is not required to post replies, but I believe readers without an account will need all comments approved before being made public, whereas account holders only need their first post approved. Google Reader / newsfeed aggregator users, please note the RSS feed links at the bottom of the page. Let me know if you find an issue with these feeds.